July 3

Re-enter the World with Functional Improv®

“Welcome Back”

Everywhere you look right now (mid-year 2021), public spaces are welcoming-back, re-opening, and re-inviting you to join them in the celebration of reconnection in what hopes to be the waning months of a staggering pandemic. As we look forward to returning to the next stage of normal, we improvisers could not be more ready to practice humanity. Since our art form relies so heavily on eye contact, non-verbal communication, and emotional connection, the shutdown was especially limiting for our classes and performances.

We characteristically said, “yes, and” to the circumstances, however, and many improv communities around the world found a way to stay active online, finding a whole new dynamic for players old and new to keep up the play. Online improv wasn’t what we were used to, but it is what we got and what we needed to keep going. 

Back to now (mid-year 2021), we have the opportunity finally to reintroduce live, in-person improv classes to our communities, and Vegas Improv Power is thrilled to offer our very first class in a room with people! What can you expect from VIP’s Functional Improv® in-prov offering?

A New Beginning

If you felt Zoom-fatigue or simply at-home-alone fatigue over the past year, we are with you. Yes, we loved our virtual classes, but we totally get that it wasn’t easy for everyone to tune in and rock out online after a day of meetings, remote work, distance learning, and Zoom Happy Hours with college friends that seemed like a great idea last April. 

Enter live improv. 

There is nothing like circling up in a room with fellow humans, sharing something about your week, and then jumping into a storytelling game based on your tales. In-person improv is a unique and energizing opportunity to take a couple of hours for self-discovery, new friendships, and stress relief, all well-deserved during a challenging time. Improv opens a channel for creativity and learning not usually available to us as grown-ups. Give yourself the chance to play. 


Our society, our workplace, and our parents (yes, some of us still) constantly tell us to better ourselves. Take a class, get a certificate, join the gym! What if you could do just that without studying, math, or squats? 

Enter live improv. 

Improvisation is a place to grow and to learn through laughter and human connection. Our games and exercises are a safe place to try, fail, and discover who you are in a particular moment. Much like Daniel LaRusso mastered karate through painting the fence, you may just master stress management after a series of rhyming exercises.* If you love to learn, but school sounds hard right now, improv is for you. 


Are you the type of person who sings passionately in the car, who replies all to the company email with a GIF, or who opens the Fruit Roll Ups in the grocery check out line because you just gotta? Sometimes “fun” is frowned upon for adults, and we have to suppress our inclination to play for the sake of grown-up dignity. 

Enter live improv. 

Improvisers grow through play. The art of improvisation as we know it and practice it is based in children’s education. The games and exercises we facilitate were designed and developed to help kids build emotional connections and communication skills, despite their ability to speak a common language or deliver rehearsed lines. In the classroom, rehearsal, or onstage, improv ensembles celebrate play and create their own language in which to build entire worlds together. If you feel like a kid during an improv class, you are doing it right. Also, did you bring enough of those Fruit Roll Ups for everyone?

Join Us!

We cannot put into words (despite all the preceding words) how excited we are to re-enter life and the room with you for in-person improv class. We believe the skills we practice through Functional Improv® provide valuable tools for connecting, collaborating, and creating in this brave new world. Start something new, improve yourself, and embrace the fun of improvisation.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for class!

 *VIP cannot guarantee that you will immediately conquer stress, or the Cobra Kai

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