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"Improv for being a human."

Improv is actively listening, being fully present in the moment, adapting to change, and connecting with people. We bring this training to life through improv classes, workshops, coaching, and training at our Functional ImprovĀ® events.

What Our Customers Say

What Can You Learn From Improv?

While improvisation is generally associated with comedy and theatre (and it absolutely is, even when online!), there are also so many life benefits you can take away from a typical improv class. Communication is a huge part of what we teach and do, both verbal and non-verbal, but we also learn about ourselves in the process. Whether you want to grow as a person, or you want us to help your team get to the next level, read on to learn about some topics that we tend to cover often.

Communication Skills

Listening and reacting are at the core of what improvisation is all about. But of course, it encompasses so much more. You don't want to listen just to react, you want to listen to understand, connect, and collaborate with your scene partner (or, with whomever you're talking to). We learn how to actively listen, how to say yes, how to show instead of tell, how to tell a story, and ultimately, how to get out of your head and be more present.

How to Move Forward, Even in Failure

Our co-founder, Ryan, describes an improv class as a safe environment where you learn how to fail. We learn not to fear failure, but to see them as gifts, or opportunities. We embrace failure by getting out of our heads, taking steps forward, and trusting (both ourselves, and others) that we will figure it out as we go. In improv, as in life, you're never alone, no matter how much it feels like you are.

Mental Agility and Adaptability

Whether it's due to age, life's stressors, or for seemingly no reason at all, we have all felt like we're just a little less sharp, a little less quick, and a little more forgetful than we used to be. Improv exercises your brain in specific ways. Much like trying a new way home from work, or trying to write with your opposite hand, the games and exercises in our classes bring you directly into the present moment just enough to help you learn a bit while trying new things.