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Whatever your corporate or small group needs may be, from team building to story telling, we can create a custom-designed applied improv workshop or event tailor-made to meet your needs. Read more below, or if you'd rather talk directly, click the button to get in touch with us to discuss what your business, team, or group needs. We are available locally in the Las Vegas, NV, or online via Zoom!

What are Improv for Business workshops?

Our workshops and events are designed to actively include and engage your team. Instead of sitting and only half listening, they'll be on their feet engaged in conversations. Instead of trust falls and treasure hunts, we’ll play games and run exercises that have very specific goals, purposes, and talking points.

We collaborate with you to target your group's needs

Improvised theater and comedy is all about working together, with each person bringing their single brick to help build a castle together. We use the exact same principles when designing your custom workshop or event. We talk about several common themes and ideas we have worked on in the past, but the possibilities are truly endless.

Customized improvisation training applied to the office

Once you tell us what your group needs, we will put together a plan that hones in on each of your goals. We’ll even customize or change certain exercises to apply them to your specific industry. And it doesn’t end there. During the workshop itself, the best insights come from your own group or team as we talk through what happened, what stood out, and what can be applied to your specific work environment. The best events happen when we work together with you to ensure everything lines up with your needs.

Applied improvisation isn't limited to just business groups

Although we talk a lot about improving communication and other work-related skills here, don't be afraid to reach out to us just because you're part of a group that wasn't formed between 9am and 5pm. Whether it's a church group, a social meetup, a book club, or even a group of students, we can put together a program that'll be fun, engaging, and beneficial. We've worked with students in both high school and college, teachers, lawyers, internet tech firms, doctors, group coaching clients, and even a family that wanted to do something for the holidays!

As there's no one-size-fits-all approach since each team is unique, just know that the answer to the question of, "Can you help us with X, Y, or Z?" is always YES!

The Story

Business professionals, especially in today's remote environment, are not only busy with the usual work requirements of tight deadlines, collaborating with their team, and keeping up with the presentation skills, but they're also expected to be experts in emotional intelligence, communication skills, and conflict resolution.

And in those rare times when we leave the office to meet with colleagues, or even attend some training to sharpen your skills, we're often stuck sitting through PowerPoint presentations, talks on upcoming policy updates, or at best (or worst!), engaging in a trust fall with fellow team members.

Participants are checked out, bored, and may not see the value in what is being offered. And while improv is traditionally associated with comedy and laughs, it's actually a fantastic tool for improving listening skills, leadership skills, and business skills of all kinds.

The Problem

How can we create an environment in corporate training events where people are engaged, actively exercising their creative thinking, and even, dare we say it, having some fun all while they're taking part in an experiential learning experience? We think every business student, young or old, can benefit from an improv game applied to their unique work life when guided by expert facilitators.

The Solution

Improv skills are communication skills, and communication skills are business skills. Business improv is no joke, and we've utilized improv training for idea generation, explosions of creativity, sales training, team building, let alone every soft skills you can imagine, including empathy, active listening, staying nimble and increasing adaptability, and so much more.

Using improvisation techniques we've taught for years in our local improv theater, we create custom programs and workshops utilizing our extensive background working with large, multinational corporations as well as our experience in starting and running small- to mid-size companies for over 20 years.

Whether on stage with a fellow actor, or taking business professionals on the fun journey of learning about themselves and their team, improv principles help us all be better versions of ourselves where we're more present, more open, and more connected.

Don't know where to start?

Get in touch with us to discuss your team's unique needs. We can help!

How can Improv for Business help you?

Improv training may not have been your first thought when it came to team building or improving your team's business skills. But behind improv comedy is a framework for communication and trust.

Team Building

Whether you have just expanded your team, or whether they've known each other for years and just don't see each other often enough, getting everyone in the same room, talking face to face, can't help but build connections.

Our exercises help break down walls, and they're aimed to promote openness, and even vulnerability.

You'll make fun memories that will last for years to come, and you'll be reminded of the human aspect each member of your team brings to the table.

Active Listening

How often do you find yourself simply waiting for your turn to talk versus actually listening to what someone is telling you? We all do it!

But listening can (and should!) be so much more than that. It's a time to connect. It's a time to learn. It's a time to push someone to explore an idea further.

Plus, in our improv workshops, while you're honing your listening skills, your partner is gaining valuable practice in their storytelling skills. It's win win!


We've heard time and time again how difficult it is to navigate all the demands placed on business teams, especially in today's environment where we're all more disconnected than ever.

For years, we've created ensembles out of strangers in one improv class after another. Just as an improviser is necessary and unique to their improv troupe, you are just as important to your team and company in the business world.

About Us

Natalie Sullivan


Natalie has taught, coached, and performed improvisational theatre for 20 years. She trained in Chicago at The Second City, iO Chicago, and ComedySportz theatres, and performed and wrote sketch comedy as a Second City Touring Company cast member.

Since moving to Las Vegas, she has continued to write and perform comedy as well as co-found the Vegas Theatre Hub as an improv curriculum instructor and designer. She has taught and coached improv for the stage to hundreds of local students and applied improv to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Ryan Neufeld


Ryan co-founded a computer programming company way back in 1998 that’s still running strong here in the Las Vegas area. He’s managed small- and medium-sized teams, both remote and in person, and he’s gained first-hand experience in many of the ups and downs that companies and management face in today’s workplace.

Ryan found improv later in life, but immediately recognized its applications and lessons that could be utilized in the business world. He went through the complete improv program at the Vegas Theatre Hub and was chosen to perform as a member of the official house team. He then went to L.A. to continue his training at iO West and has since been brought on as a teacher and a coach here in the Las Vegas area.

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