Functional Improv®
Events and Workshops for Non-Performers

One of the most common things we have heard over the years from people is that improv isn't for them because they're not funny, or quick. Or that they're not a performer, are an introvert, or never plan on doing any type of acting.

And sure, while improvisational theatre may not be for everyone, we believe that the skills learned in an improv class can help literally anyone and everyone. And still, we've found that there are people who simply don't want to even go through an improv class.

Thus, we created our Functional Improv™ events which have no stages, no lights, no performing, and no jokes (okay, so maybe at least a few jokes. But these events and workshops are for everyday people and are aimed at helping people navigate everyday life.

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Past Events

We've had Book Clubs, Speed Dating events, Job Interview Prep lunches, Date Nights, and more. Stay tuned for whatever we think up next!

What is Functional Improv™?

Do you feel that you're not a performer, or that getting on stage and being funny isn't for you? First off, we entirely disagree. But we are still here for you!

We've put together a series of events that includes similar skills you'd learn in an improv class, but in an entirely new context. Some of our past examples include speed dating events, ace your job interview training sessions, and even groups for new moms! We have held these locally in the Las Vegas, NV area, as well as virtually worldwide through webinars.

Try something new without the fear of stepping on stage or having to perform. We'll still have you practicing your active listening, being in the moment, flexibility, getting over your fear of failure, storytelling, and so much more while connecting with people.

Our Functional Improv™ events and workshops are NOT a place to learn improv. If you're interested in taking actual improv classes, check out our offerings here.