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We are excited to be offering in-person improv classes in Las Vegas, NV after taking over a year off! Online/virtual classes and training will be offered as requested as well.

Are you not necessarily a performer, or are you new to improvisation? Our classes focus less on improvisation as a performance art, and more as a tool to build self confidence and life skills. They still have their roots in improv comedy, but we focus a little less on the scene work and short-form or long-form and a little more on personal growth and development. We still play classic improv games and exercises and have a ton of laughs. Our instructors have over 25 years of experience and love beginners. We have a knack for tailoring each class to a wide variety of students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is improv comedy?

Improv is the art form of performing, acting, or even speaking without a script. In theatre or comedy, it can refer to both the performance art itself, or the training tools and exercises that it encompasses.

What do you do in an improv class?

A typical improv class starts with a group introduction and check in. From there, you'll run through various exercises, games, and scenes, often followed by a discussion on what happened, and why.

What do you learn in an improv class?

You may end up learning almost anything! In general, you work on communication (including non-verbal), self confidence, listening, empathy, trust, adaptability, how to say yes, how to fail, teamwork, and just how to be a better human.

Can you learn improv online?

Absolutely! While it is different than in-person classes, we've embraced the transition to virtual classes. You still have the same connections, opportunities to try new things, and to grow as a student and as a person.

What are the basic rules of improv?

There are no rules! But if you must...
  1. Say yes.
  2. Say yes, and.
  3. Fail, hard.
  4. Listen.
  5. React!
  6. Play!!

How do you get better at improv?

  1. Practice, a lot. Repetition helps!
  2. Fail, a lot. Learn to not fear failure.
  3. Make your scene partner look like a poet, artist, & genius.
  4. Learn about yourself as a performer, & as a person.
  5. Embrace everything - the good, the bad, and everything in between.
  6. Stop trying to get better! You are perfect.

Benefits of Taking an Improv Class

Make new friends

One of the best things about any group class or workshop is the friendships made. This is even more true with improv since we are actively communicating, being open, and vulnerable together.

Gain communication skills

“The techniques of the theater are the techniques of communicating.” ~ Viola Spolin. We will forever work on the essential soft skills together that are so important in life.

Practice being present

In today’s world, and even more so with how much of our lives are spent online these days, it’s difficult to remain focused and present. Practicing focus and being present is essential.

Expand your adaptability

Our brains are overloaded with too much information, let alone our anxieties and worries. Once we are present, we also work on being flexible in the moment with what’s in front of us.

Learn to listen actively

How often do you listen just to respond? It is freeing to be given the opportunity to listen for listening’s sake. Plus, it’s a great gift to support someone by truly hearing what they have to say.

Remember how to play

As adults, we often lose the ability to simply play and have fun. But it can have so many benefits to our overall health. And science shows that adults benefit from finding time to play! Our intro classes get us back in the practice of playing right from the get go.

How Else Can Improv Help Me?

Improv for Business

Of course, this is one of our favorite areas to talk about since we firmly believe that every skill practiced in an improv workshop can level you up in many facets of the workplace. Gaining experience in creativity, storytelling, and other improv basics through theatre games makes you a better team member, leader, and of course, the fun one at the office party!

Boost Your Creative Writing

Whether you're a fan of sketch comedy, love to write fun blog posts on the weekend, or want to improve your character development for your next bestseller, taking an online class can help bust through all types of creative blocks. Sketch writing and improv skills often go hand in hand as they utilize many of the same principles and patterns.

Jumpstart Other Theater Endeavors

Maybe you're an actor who needs to be more in the moment. Or perhaps your character monologues need to be less monotone. Improv training can help, and a good instructor can help you wherever you are in your journey!

Fans of comedy may find their way into improv games and exercises hoping to sharpen their timing and expand their knowledge. While we may not offer a traditional comedy class and won't go over the structure of jokes (though sketch comedy writing overlaps quite a bit!), we always work on the skills and ideas that allow the funny to happen naturally.

Or, if you're like us and aren't leaving your improv bubble, there is always more to learn. Fans of longform improvisation may enjoy some of the short form games we play. If you want to perform better improv scenes, take our course on character creation, emotion, or any of the other advanced improv classes that come up in the future.

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