yes, let's: Improv Class, Las Vegas, NV | Jan. 25-Mar. 1 2023
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Vegas Improv Power


Vegas Improv Power

Vegas Improv Power is run by a 20+ year Chicago-trained improv veteran and a 20+ year web/technology nerd who make for a perfect team in offering online improv classes.

Las Vegas Little Theatre Studio


Las Vegas Little Theatre Studio
3890 Schiff Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89103


Jan. 25, 2023 - Mar. 1, 2023


6:30pm - 9:00pm



yes, let’s: Improv Class, Las Vegas, NV | Jan. 25-Mar. 1 2023

Vegas Improv Power welcomes you back to another in-person improv class! Dive into our Functional Improv® class designed to help you connect, communicate, and create skills for everyday life. This class is an exploration of improv applied to everyday life skills.

** All participants must be fully vaccinated **

For the past two years, we have been challenged to learn how to relate to each other and the world differently. Though we loved our virtual improv classes, we have looked forward to getting back into the room, where we can cultivate the benefits of live improv: eye contact, non-verbal cues, and sharing laughs together in the same place.

Our Functional Improv® exercises and games help you practice emotional response, communication, reactivity, creativity, listening, storytelling, saying yes, and more.

In each 2.5-hour class, your instructor will lead you through classic and newly-minted improv exercises that facilitate self-discovery, ensemble building, and though humor is not the main goal of the class, we always find a lot of laughter in the process.

This class explores improv for all experience levels. Whether you are brand new or have been practicing for years, we offer experiential games and exercises that will apply to your artistic, professional, and personal life.

You! Ages 21+

Wednesdays, Jan. 25th – Mar. 1st, 2023

Las Vegas Little Theatre Studio
3890 Schiff Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103

$275 (Early bird discount)
Price jumps to $300 two weeks before class starts

About Ryan:
Ryan found improv later in life, but immediately recognized its applications and lessons that could be utilized in all aspects of life, from on stage to the business world. He went through the complete improv program at the Vegas Theatre Hub and was chosen to perform as a member of the official house team. He then went on to continue his training at iO West and ComedySportz Las Vegas. He then joined the Hub as a teacher and as the Managing Director and won their 2019 Teacher of the Year award.

When not doing improv, he keeps busy helping run small, tech-based startups for 20 years and trying to keep up with his 3 daughters. He loves sharing his love of improv with those who feel they don’t belong on stage, or who think they aren’t as funny as everyone else. As an introvert himself, he’s seen the benefits of improv and how it can improve your life first-hand and looks forward to doing the same with you!

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